Signs of Stress

As the holiday times roll around maybe people struggle with stress. This may be from dealing with end-of-year stressors, family members, burnout, and a plethora of other things!

What is most important to remember is that millions of people all over the world are dealing with this, and there are ways to combat this! However, the first step to combating stress is to know you are stressed in the first place. When we are wrapped up in our everyday responsibilities, balancing our social life, and family stress manifests in many different ways that may not even seem like stress at all!

Below is a quick run-through of common physical indications of stress. Make sure to look out for these in yourself and your loved ones during the holiday season!

Aches and Pains

  • Pain in limbs and cramping (nervous stomach) can be teel tell signs of increased stress.

Chest Pain and Racing Heart

  • Tight feeling in the chest
  • Fast beating heart or heart palpitations

High Blood Pressure

  • Make sure to get your blood pressure checked regularly
  • High blood pressure can be a warning sign for other medical conditions also.

Lower Libido

  • Stress and anxiety can be linked to decreased sex drive.

Headaches and Dizziness

  • Both headaches and dizziness can be caused by stress.
  • These are also linked to high blood pressure so if you are experiencing this it may be good to get your blood pressure checked either way!

Muscle Tension or Jaw Clenching 

  • Jaw clenching and tight muscles are usually due to high stress.
  • Relaxing muscles and unclenching your jaw can make all the difference

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