Mental Health During the Holiday Season – Keeping in Touch

Keeping in touch can be a very difficult thing to do. With Covid,  family, and loved ones at a greater distance than ever before it is easy to feel as if you are no longer in touch. However, keeping in touch can actually be easier than ever before and much safer. With online video applications like Zoom, Skype, and thousands of other technology has allowed us to stay better connected than ever before. Unlike facetime and Snapchat video, calls zoom and these other applications allow hundreds of people at once to have a group call. These applications are also easily accessible through links that can be opened on the web or in the actual zoom app. The same link can be used an infinite amount of times also, so the hardest part will be setting a day and time! Another way to connect can be through social media. Though it is not as accessible and intimate as a video call social media, when used properly, can be an amazing tool to stay up to date with what loved ones are doing and their holiday plans. Things such as a simple call or text can also be utilized to stay in contact with loved ones in a more traditional manner, and is most likely one of the most accessible manners of communication no matter the age range.’

All in all, I personally believe that the video call is the best option. This allows for loved ones to be together visually in real-time! This means opening up Christmas gifts and counting down the clock to the New Year can all be done at the touch of a button.



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