Holiday Self Care: Understanding The New “Family”

A major part of the Holiday season is Family. For many people family is defined by blood, but for others, this can go much deeper. People with whom you share the same cares and values, those who have been in your life the longest, or even those who feel unconditional love. Family, in today’s society, is not all about biological connection to define family but a genuine connection, and when it comes to self-care this may be even more important than one’s biology.

Self-Care is all about doing what is best for you. For many people who are not used to this, it may seem selfish or not traditional, but when it comes to taking care of one’s own mental health it is important to prioritize ourselves before we are able to be there for others.

Choosing who you spend your time with and investing emotionally and physically is a big part of this and can take a major toll. This can reflect greatly on who you choose to spend the Holiday with to.

Who makes you feel good?

Who do you like spending time with?

Who celebrates with you and who cries with you?

Understanding who is in your life and what they do in your life can give you a better idea of who your “chosen family” is. Spending time with this Family over your biological family, when it benefits you mentally and physically, can help greatly during the Holiday times. Especially for those feeling lonely. Holiday events do NOT always have to be spent with those you feel indebted to spend this time with.

Make sure you are choosing the people to share your life with because you want to not because you have to!

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