Healthy Friendships pt. 2 (cont)

In the previous blog post…

Just like having healthy relationships, having healthy friendships and learning what a “healthy friendship” looks like can make all the difference when building a good support system! In this blog post you will learn what a healthy relationship looks like and why you should strive to be a good friend and find those who are also!

In this Blog post you will learn 3 more aspects of what makes a good friend!

3. They check in

    • When you are sick, haven’t seen them in awhile, or even just to say hi! Not all relationships including friendships need to be constantly checked in on, but checking in on someone every now and aging especially when they have been made aware of difficult situations in your life is a good sign of a healthy relationship!

4. They celebrate you

    • A healthy relationship is one where each part of the relationship canĀ  celebrate and support each other. A new job, a new relationship, or really any accomplishment or milestone that is success to you should be celebrated by those who care for you too! Though not all success are viewed the same someone just being there for you is what counts.

5. Be Selfish

    • Though this may sound as if it contradicts the previous one’s it can actually be the most important! You choose who is and is not in your life. If someone is not meeting your needs in a way that you need, in any relationship, you can choose to try to work with them or move on! Some people come into our lives for a season while others may stay a life time. You get to pick and choose who is in your story!


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