Gender Stereotypes and Theories (Males)

“Males are aggressive” This is a common statement in our society about this sex. Keeping in theme with the last blog post on gender identity and how this shapes certain views I wanted to focus on the truth in this statement. Dr. Dorian Furtuna wrote an article called “Male aggression”. He begins by focusing on numerous statistics on male aggression and violence. One of the most compelling pieces of information found was that “…men committed homicide, on average, 26 times more frequently than women.” Dr. Dorian Furtuna then continues talking about aggression towards animals and family members and the statement holds true. Additionally, most serial killer killings, homicides,  torturing, beatings, and shootings are done mostly by males.

Dr. Dorian Furtuna then goes on to explain numerous reasons as to why this may be: Social Roles, Parenting styles for males, and even Biological Factors.

Feel free to look through the article for yourself


Do you believe that these reasons are true? 

Are there other things in our society that may explain this phenomenon?

Is there a bias?

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