A how to on practicing mindfulness

  1. Time
    • Setting aside time is key to practicing and maintaining mindfulness. Many of us make goals that we strive for, but then we will fail to create a designated moment of time in the day to actually practice this. I find creating two 5 min spaces of time in your day is the best way to start off. I personally like to do 5 mins at night and then another 5 mins in the morning.
  2. Observe the Present
    • The idea of mindfulness is to be a focus on the present. This means not what the future holds for you or reminiscing in the past but staying present with yourself and your feelings.
  3. Acknowledge Intrusive Thoughts
    • A problem many people face when they begin meditation and practicing mindfulness is keeping an “empty mind.” However, this is not what this is all about. We must acknowledge these intrusive thoughts and see them as what they are…thoughts not truths.
  4. Return To Present Moment 
    • After we recognize and acknowledge these intrusive thoughts we must do away with them. Continuously dwelling on these thoughts will only reinforce them in your brain and ultimately take you away from mindfulness. Therefore we want to acknowledge then return to the present.
  5. Be Kind to yourself
    • At the end of the day, the main focus will always be to meditate on kindness both for yourself and others. We want to have overall positive thoughts during this process, even if we don’t completely agree with them just yet, make sure to practice positive affirmations about ourselves and others.


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