The Importance of using Person First Language

Person-first language is a way of referring to individuals that emphasizes their humanity and individuality, rather than their diagnosis or disability. This type of language helps to reduce stigma and promote respect and dignity for all people, regardless of their abilities. By using person-first language, we emphasize the person and not the disability, and this can greatly impact an individual's...[ read more ]

Person First Language series – The stats (pt.2)

In this weeks series we are learning about person first language! Check out the article below for a better understanding of the statistics behind person first language, in terms of people with disabilities in America today and how using this type of language can be helpful to them!

Person First Language series (pt.1)

This week we will be focusing on person first language. Person first language is the idea that the person before the disability, and describes what a person has, not who a person is. PFL uses phrases such as “person with a disability,” “individuals with disabilities,” and “children with disabilities,” as opposed to phrases that identify people based solely on their...[ read more ]

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