How to Overcome Habits (Summary)

This week we focused on how to overcome habits. We started the week by introducing an article by Healthline that focused on what causes habits and how to break them. The next blog post centered around a Ted Talk from Judson Brewer where he introduces the idea that there is a connection between mindfulness and addiction. Dealing with any habits...[ read more ]

How to Overcome Habits- Ted Talk

In following this week's topic of breaking habits, I have included a Ted Talk video from Judson Brewer who gives viewers a simple way to break bad habits!

How to Overcome Habits

The information in this blog post is summarized from a Healthline article called How to Break a Habit (and Make It Stick) Link:   The article starts off by explaining how a habit starts using the idea of the 3 Rs Reminder- this is a trigger or cue that causes you to "do" the habit Routine - This is an...[ read more ]

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