What Would You Choose?

What Would You Choose?

A few months ago, right after I turned 40, I had a health scare where I found a lump that thankfully was diagnosed to just be a cyst that resolved on its own.  While I am so grateful that my situation turned out that way, I know that for many people, that is not the case.  I currently have a very close friend of the family who was recently diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis is questionable.

In times like this, life seems to come to a stop.  When we are confronted with our own mortality or that of someone we dearly love, it forces us to deal with the reality that at some point, death does come for us all.  We have no idea how many days we have on this earth, and while some would say you should live each day as if it were our last, I am not sure that is a doable option long term.

If we were to attempt to live in such awareness that each moment might be our last, I feel that most people would have horrible anxiety and be unable to actually be present to truly experience and enjoy life.  It’s also not a realistic option given the busyness of our lives or the day-to-day tasks that require completion.

However, the one thing I think that we can focus on is this:  If you knew you had a limited time left on this earth, how would you spend that time?  I would venture to say most of us do not spend our days doing the things we love doing.  Now again, there is balance to be found in this.  But for example….my dad was recently asked to go fishing with this friend of ours who has gotten such tough news.  I know my dad loves to fish and yet he rarely does.  If he knew his days were limited, I imagine he’d probably spend a few of them out on the water.  It’s not realistic for him to stop working and go fishing every day, but he could make it a goal to fish maybe once a month or every six weeks or so.

What are the things you love and are passionate about?  Do you know what you would do if you knew you had limited time left?  Who would you spend that time with?  What things would you do differently or change about your life?  What regrets might there be that you would want to try to resolve?  I believe these questions are imperative for all of us to ask ourselves and know the answers to.

We don’t know what day will be our last, but we can make sure that we live those days with intention and purpose, filling them with the people and things that are most important to us.

Many people think that counseling is only for when life has derailed or massive trauma has occurred or you can no longer function well.  Counseling also helps us figure out who we are, what we love and what we are passionate about, allowing us to live the best life we can and be as present as possible for each of the moments we do have.  If you would like to process through any of this, we hope you will contact us.  We would love to help you figure these things out.

~Tiffany Jones, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Director of Renew Counseling

Tiffany Jones

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