Justin Cunard

Student Intern


Justin is a graduate student intern, completing his Master’s degree in Counselor Education at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Justin’s journey to this career has been a diverse one: completing automotive tech and emergency medical technician training, a Bachelor’s in organizational management, as well as working jobs in construction, social work, food and beverage, medical and higher education fields. This varied path has gifted Justin with a unique combination of warmth, accessibility and a get-to-the-root-of-things, straightforward approach. He believes that creating a space for people to bravely face their challenges and take the risks needed to conquer them is the key to healing. His joy is in assisting clients to break out of the boxes life has imposed on them.

Justin’s background in a wide variety of fields has given him exposure to many different personality types. This experience, combined with his extensive training in leadership, has created well-developed communication and conflict resolution skills that he enjoys passing on to clients. He is gifted at discerning the patterns and themes which create life’s problems and his medical training allows him to connect the dots between physical and mental/emotional health. Justin customizes his treatment plans for clients, forgoing a cookie-cutter approach to therapy. His technical background lends itself to out of the box counseling strategies. While he operates in a traditional counseling office setting, it is not unusual to find him facilitating building or other creative projects which allow clients to have a tangible representation of their concerns. He has also been known to take clients out of the therapy room and to parks where fitness (with medical approval) and adventure therapy techniques are used.

Justin loves pizza, working on cars, Buffalo Bills football (no jokes allowed) and international travel.

Who Should Call Justin?

Teens and adults who are driven to construct the life they are called to live. He loves to work with anyone who is ready to take risks in being vulnerable and willing to do the hard work of transformation.

611 N. Wymore Road, Suite 202,
Winter Park, FL 32789


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