Caretakers During Covid-19

When I am not at the office, I am working with one of my favorite groups of individuals - caretakers, specifically those with a child with a disability. In the midst of everything going on in our communities, many caretakers have additional stress from medical needs to financial concerns. Even the smallest details require more effort and extra energy. For...[ read more ]

Coping With Your Anxiety About Covid-19

Life changed so suddenly and unexpectedly for many people. These changes could be scary and throw us into panic and thinking the worst. It also might trigger and worsen the anxiety that you already had. On top of that – work from home, children are at home, fear of income loss or shortage, and a continuous barrage of information from...[ read more ]

When You Live Alone During A Quarantine

Hi friends!  Tiffany here, coming to you directly from my apartment where we find ourselves at the beginning of a 2 week "stay at home" order.  These are crazy times, aren't they?  The psychological part of me finds it fascinating to know that we have a front-row seat to history unfolding before our eyes and watching how people respond to...[ read more ]

Staying Sane During the Coronavirus

2 Things I’m doing during the Coronavirus “situation”: Being present Being present Explanation to follow. Let me preface by saying that I am not perfect at this, not even close, but I’m trying and this is what it looks like. I get swept up in the “what ifs” and the fears about toilet paper and right now I can’t find...[ read more ]

How Couples Therapy Can Help You

Many men and women feel scared to start couples counseling. The root of this fear is often in the assumption that “I will be blamed for all the problems in our relationships”. Or, even worse, my partner and therapist together will unite against me. Fears like this keep couples from taking actions. John Gottman's research found that in the United...[ read more ]

Four Things That Can Destroy Relationships

  What is the secret of a successful relationship? How can you maintain a long-term relationship and feel heard and fulfilled? If you are asking yourself these questions, it is probably because your relationship is that important to you. Do you feel like sometimes you are caught in some sort of a cycle, where you are struggling to be heard...[ read more ]

Your 2020 Shift List

Happy New Year!  As we journey through the month of January, there are countless people talking about New Year's Resolutions, a word of the year, goals for 2020, etc.  And those things are all great and if they work for you, that's fantastic!  Today, however, I would like to share with you a slightly different twist on the concept of...[ read more ]

What Is Trauma?

Sometimes you think, “I am not enough”. Or “something is wrong with me”. You feel like you wanted to react differently in certain situations but this is not what happens. You feel a mental block that throws you into a “freak out mode”, often when it is the most inappropriate, and then you just feel stuck. Traumas are powerful. It...[ read more ]

To My Friend Who Is Struggling With Depression

Dear friend! It seems at times like no one really gets it, doesn't it? It seems like you are alone in this. It also seems like it will never get better. It feels so exhausting that you feel tired all the time. No energy left. Just pain that seems will never go away. You are starting to guess that you...[ read more ]

Just Keep Moving

Sometimes yoga really gets to me; it forces me to self-reflect. I have probably been subconsciously avoiding one particular class since the last time I attended because it tends to require a little more introspection that I can sometimes manage. I have never felt more aligned with the face palm emoji than when I drew the ACCEPTANCE angel card in...[ read more ]

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