Balloon Breaths

Balloon Breaths

What are Balloon Breaths? A deep breathing technique used to help reduce the physiological symptoms of anxiety. There are lots of studies that indicate diaphragmatic breathing helps to calm and relax the body.

Why call this breathing technique “balloon breaths?” Many people when taking in a deep breath tend to suck in their belly. When engaging in diaphragmatic breathing our bellies need to stick out (like a balloon). When we take a deep breath we are filling our abdomen with air.

How exactly do you do a balloon breath? 3 easy steps 3:3:3
Step 1 – Breathe in for 3 seconds
Step 2 – Hold your breath for 3 seconds (rub your belly and check if its round – filled with air like a balloon)
Step 3 – Release slowly for 3 seconds

How many of these should I do? 3-4 times

When should I do balloon breaths? Good times to do balloon breaths: feeling nervous, shy, anxious, scared, worried, before a test, during a test, before bed to help us sleep, when we feel upset, before an important appointment, etc.

Where should I do balloon breaths? Balloon breaths are SO cool and can be done ANYWHERE (home, school, private or public settings). No one even has to know you are doing them. 🙂

~ By Lisa Hoang, MS, LMHC

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