The month of January finds us recovering from all that the holidays entail and creating new resolutions to become better versions of ourselves in the new year. It is an exciting time as we give ourselves permission to restart, refresh, and renew.

Often, our resolutions involve taking better care of ourselves such as eating more green vegetables, cutting out diet sodas, or actually following through with our weekly workout routine. Or our resolutions may involve being more intentional in our relationships by being a better listener to our spouse, more patient with our children, or more generous in our friendships.

It’s a unique season, infused with optimism and excitement. But then, more often than not, high expectations are met with reality – and we find ourselves feeling defeated and frustrated.

What would it look like if this new year, in the midst of resolutions and reality, we decided to commit ourselves to self-compassion? What if, in the moments that we find ourselves not meeting our own expectations, we extended love and compassion to ourselves – you know, the kind of compassion we find easy to give to others?

At Renew, our team wishes you happy resolutions and a Happy New Year – as well as the gift of self-compassion. And for you, self-compassion may mean reaching out for someone to walk with you as you navigate the challenges you are facing this season. We would be honored to take this journey with you.

“Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.”
— Christopher Germer ☺

Written by Jordyn Chubb, Student Intern

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