Present Moment Processing

Tiffany Jones —  19 January, 2016

Have you ever felt like there was something you needed to express but just could not
bring yourself to share it with someone? Everybody feels that way at some point in
time. What your mind is telling you is that there is something that carries a lot of
weight on your heart and it needs to be released. If it does not feel like something
that you can share with another person, give your heart and mind some freedom and
get it down on paper. Write a story, journal, sketch, or even just write down ONE
word that describes what you are experiencing. A recommendation is to carry a
small journal around with you, something small enough to fit in a purse or a pocket,
and when you feel the intensity of emotion swell up, it doesn’t matter where you are,
at work, out to dinner, at a red light- write it down; revisit it later.
Once you release it on to the page it may be easier to share with a therapist or
trusted friend. Take advantage of the small moments each day to be kind to your
heart and practice present moment processing.

~By Niko McManus, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Tiffany Jones

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