Journaling – Reflection, Release & Renewal

Journaling – Reflection, Release & Renewal

Hope this New Year is starting off well – happy 2016! During the New Year many people start off by creating plans, goals and resolutions. Developing plans and goals are great, but reflection is beneficial as well. I encourage you to start the New Year by taking some time to reflect on the good, bad and ugly of 2015. Reflection allows us to assess what areas we need to let go of, details in our lives to be grateful for, the acknowledgement of personal growth that took place, as well as an understanding of needs and areas for continued attention and cultivation. Think of journaling or reflection as a gift of validation to yourself. Take some time to pay attention and
allow yourself to engage with your 2015 experiences.

Journaling is a wonderful tool to aid in reflection. Journaling is also a great form of releasing anxiety, stress and ruminating thoughts. Journaling allows us to externalize our thoughts, feelings and emotions – this process can give us a new perspective and understanding of self, others and our experiences. Below is a link to an article about journaling, which also includes a variety of great questions to jumpstart your reflection. Take some time to reflect on your experiences of 2015, which will hopefully provide you with some clarity, peace, release, gratitude, inspiration and renewal for this new year!

Journaling Article

Written by Lisa Hoang, MS, LMHC

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