Grieving During the Holidays

Grieving During the Holidays

Well, we’ve made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas is looming. People are decorating, putting up trees, going to parties, making Christmas cookies…and you feel completely alone. The holiday season is such an interesting time of year. Our society dictates to us that it should look a certain way, and much of it is centered around families. Even the commercials on TV show happy families gathered around a table, eating a huge yummy meal together. But what if this isn’t your story?

Many people deal with deep sadness and depression and feelings of loss during the holiday season. If this is you, I am so sorry that you are feeling this pain. But I do hope you will take comfort in knowing that you are not alone! During this season, it is common for us to be confronted with our losses. Some people are single or newly divorced or have lost a loved one and this is the first holiday without them. For others, the holidays are never the same because a loved one is gone and no matter how many years pass, this time always triggers a feeling of loss.

While we are surrounded by celebration and festivity, let’s not forget that there are many who are quietly hurting. If this isn’t you, be aware of those around you who may be struggling and offer an extra hug and reminder that you’re there for them. If this is you, find a safe place to share your hurts and pain. Don’t be afraid to be honest and to grieve your loss. If you don’t have someone in your life you can talk to about this, we would love to walk with you through this journey of grieving and healing. May peace be with you during this season…even in the pain.

By Tiffany Jones, LMHC

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