Grief and Loss

Tiffany Jones —  27 August, 2015

For most of us, when we hear the words grief or loss we can almost immediately remember the death of a friend or family member. Death and loss are experienced by everyone and are universally some of our most painful life experiences. And the closer you were to the person, generally, the stronger the grief response in their death. Sometimes the memories of the loss can be triggered by simple things in our environment. Some memories are triggered by music or sounds and voices. Others triggered through tastes or smells. While other memories can be triggered by the the environment, our surroundings, or even the movement of our bodies, or body position. So much of our memories are stored in our bodies that some who grieve are shocked when they suddenly start crying about the loved one while exercising or sitting in a specific position, but it happens. Our bodies are sometimes the biggest triggers for memories and for the feelings of loss and sadness that occur. For some, the death of an animal is often experientially felt as strong or even more strong as the death of a person. Pets are often the most loving and connected relationships in our lives. And so, for some, losing a pet can be more traumatic than losing a spouse or a child. And for some, the loss of a pet is a reminder of other losses that have occurred while the pet was alive. This leads to the potential for grief and loss can to be much worse with the loss of our pets. Checking in with a counselor after a loss is a great way of helping us recover from it. Therapy can also be a place to check in and evaluate how well you are working through the grieving process. And, if you start feeling overwhelmed or stuck after a loss, or if you struggle making decisions or performing normal and ordinary tasks, it might be good to visit a counselor to see what is happening. Renew Counselors are ready and prepared to help you walk through the journey of grief and loss. Our counselors are trained to understand what normal and abnormal grief is like, and can help you deal with the complex and complicated issues that are blocking you from experiencing life. If you or someone you know are struggling with grief or just needing to check in and process loss, call today.

Tiffany Jones

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