Depression in Women

Tiffany Jones —  19 August, 2015

Depression is the now the most common diagnosis for adults in the United States. Almost ten percent of the population suffers from depression each year, but very few seek treatment. Part of the problem could be that depression impacts everyone uniquely. There is a common phrase these days in the medical community stating that “one size does not fit all depression.” This is especially true due to the differences found in ways depression is presented in men and women. Although depression includes symptoms such as: suicidal thoughts, deep sadness, loss of joy in things that used to be fun, feelings of deep guilt, shame and worthlessness, there are also physiological issues to deal with. Many suffering from depression also experience problems with sleep, appetite and weight changes, difficulty concentrating, as well as lack of energy and fatigue. Although many struggle with eating less, sleeping less, and losing weight, many women struggle with eating more, sleeping more, and gaining weight. For women, these manifestations of depression, especially when women experience weight gain associated with their depression, may cause their feelings of depression to worsen. Counseling is not only a great resource for women who are experiencing depression, but can help with many of the physiological effects of depression. Renew Counseling has a caring, compassionate team ready to walk with you during this time, helping you deal with your depression and helping you to become a better, greater you. Call to make an appointment today.

Tiffany Jones

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