Michael Morales

MS, State Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Your journey is important to me.  Wherever you are today, you can begin today.  You are not alone.  I will work together with you and alongside you to customize a better future:  your future and your goals.  I have been able to help empower individuals and couples to overcome personal obstacles in their life.  I provide a safe and confidential place where growth and change can occur.  Using clinically tested and evidenced-based interventions, I have worked with hundreds of individuals one and one and in a group setting since 2010.  I am a registered mental health intern in the state of Florida and also a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University with a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.  I offer individual, group and couples counseling for any life challenging issue but just to name a few:  anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addiction struggles, and career counseling are prominent.  I also have a passion for strengthening men in their sexual integrity as well as love to help parents of special needs children, having struggled with my wife to raise our special needs son.  I would be honored to meet with you privately and confidentially, to develop a safe place to work together with you on your specific struggle or growth area.   All the best to you and your courageous steps to find inner peace, hope, and strength.