Matthew Martin, Sr.

Matthew-MartinOrlando Marriage, Family, ADHD Counseling & Coaching for Children, Teens, and Adults.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

PersonalMatthew uses his great sense of humor to connect with individuals and couples.  Matthew is known for his ability to quickly connect and impact individuals and help men with their marriage and workplace issues.  Matthew Martin received his Master’s of Science degree in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Orlando, FL. Matthew is married and has two sons.

Sheridan House: Matthew worked in a residential program with junior-high school boys with behavioral issues. He was responsible for everyday aspects of the program, and held weekly therapeutic meetings with the students. He assisted the students’ progress by presenting them with alternative choices to their behaviors, and he regularly met with students and their parents to discuss the students’ progress.

Liberty University: Matthew’s integrity, charisma and wisdom gave him many opportunities to mentor and counsel his fellow students in his dorm. The following year he became a Life Director, which provided even more mentoring and counseling opportunities with the students. For the next 2 years he was hired as a Resident Assistant. This position meant he was solely responsible for the wellbeing of all 40 students in his dorm, many of whom were on the university’s football team.

Corporate Experience: Matthew has worked in business, customer service, sales, and market strategy implementations for 10 years. Matthew has been an effective Vice President and owner of a local company and has won numerous sales awards.  These years of experience allow understanding for the various stresses of owning and operating a small business in Central Florida.  From his extensive business experience, he is able to understand how to manage time with family and still be successful.

Who Should Call Matthew?

Matthew works with Couples, Businesspeople, Fathers, Teenagers, Adults with ADHD and grasps the challenges associated with these issues.  Matthew will personally work to listen and process these challenges.