At Renew Counseling, we believe that true healing occurs in relationship and connection.  Although techniques and behavior modification can be useful, the greatest help comes from connecting to the counselor in a safe environment. Therefore, we seek to hire counselors who are willing to think outside of the box, utilizing creativity in their therapy and understanding that they are the greatest tool they have to use in a session. It is our desire to provide someone to journey with a client through their pain, being willing to help hold and contain their pain when it is too overwhelming on their own. We believe that this kind of therapy is unique and requires people who are willing to offer the one thing that will help a person on their journey of healing – the presence of one who cares.

Renew currently has three Licensed Mental Health Counselors and one State Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern offering sessions in English and Spanish. Click on their pictures below or their names in the menu to find out more about them!

Lisa Hoang

Lisa Hoang, MS
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Tiffany Jones

Tiffany Jones, MS
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Matthew Martin


Michael Morales


Sarah Pippin


Violetta Wilczynski