Asking for Help

Tiffany Jones —  7 October, 2015

How intimidating does that sound? Asking for help can seem impossible, especially when ruminating on the suffocating hurt and the fuel of pain and sadness that makes hope and change seem unattainable. Opening up to someone else can seem scary (will they judge me?), pointless (will they even understand?) or maybe even dangerous (can I trust them?). What if other questions need to be asked … What if they will accept me exactly where I am? What if they will fully engage me and seek understanding? Will they support me as I explore new options for myself? What if you don’t have to feel alone and figure things out all by yourself? The heaviness of uncertainty will surely stir some fright and hesitation, but a chance, an opportunity must be better than the exhaustion of trying to keep it together and present well.

Asking for help can stir up lots of emotions: fear, embarrassment, insecurity, anxiety, anger, shame and the list goes on. Seeking support and asking for help can break the ice and diminish some power of the unspoken. Support can be provided by many mediums: counseling, support groups, family, friends, mentor, teacher, church member, etc. The anticipation can be rough and Renew has many counselors who understand the vulnerability and effort it takes to reach out. We are eager to support and be present with you as you take your first steps to emotional strength and healing.

Tiffany Jones

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